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About Us

WomanSafeHealth Advocates
WomanSafeHealth Trillium

Rachel Dick           Emma Greene       Ashli Marable

WomanSafeHealth, the parent organization of the WomanSafeHealth Advocacy Program, was founded in 2007 by Elizabeth Shadigian, MD, FACOG, NCMP.


WomanSafeHealth is a safe, respectful and compassionate practice in which each client defines and obtains Empowering WomanCare and Gynecology health services.

The WomanSafeHealth Woman Advocacy Program started in 2017 serving clients of WomanSafeHealth. Staff members had dual roles that included them in the infancy of our program. 

In 2018 the program was extended adding co-directors Rachel Dick and Emma Greene, as well as clients outside of the practice, broadening its range of services, number of advocates and clientele base.


After the program's first year, WomanSafeHealth went on to create a training program to educate and employ more advocates using the WomanSafeHealth philosophy and framework of positive, compassion-based, feminist and SQHC- resistant advocacy.

The WomanSafeHealth Advocacy Program adheres to its parent principles below to honor and maintain the highest level quality of client care. 

   I welcome you

  I listen to you

 I believe you

I protect your privacy

I am accountable to you

   I respect "no"

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