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The mission of woman advocacy is to empower each individual to navigate, advocate, and participate for themselves and others in a health care setting and other areas of life. Woman advocacy is a service that anyone can choose to offer to someone in need. It can be empowering to be on both the receiving and the giving ends of woman advocacy. 


Individuals can obtain better care from their health provider by having another set of eyes and ears with them. Having a woman advocate is a radical act of self care, and woman advocacy is a central component of what effective health care and everyday empowerment should be.


A woman advocate may be a trained professional, colleague, friend, or family member who serves those obtaining care, with an awareness of their own herstory and power dynamics, sexism, cis-sexism, racism, ableism and other oppressions they are up against in Status Quo Health Care and in everyday life.

A woman advocate can be a female, male, trans, or gender non-conforming individual. Regardless of how they identify, a woman advocate is an advocate with a feminist context. Woman advocacy is a feminist extension of care taking, for ourselves and for others. 

Level 1 of WomanSafeHealth's Advocacy Training Program prepares you to provide unique and compassion-based advocacy both

within and outside of Status Quo Health Care. 


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WomanSafeHealth Advocacy Certification.

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