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  • What is the cost of WomanSafeHealth's Advocacy Training Program?
    WomanSafeHealth's Advocacy Certification Program is $480 and includes all training materials except a copy of Dr. Elizabeth Shadigian's book, WomanSafeHealth: The Antidote to Status Quo Health Care.
  • How long does WomanSafeHealth's Advocacy Training Program take to complete?
    Advocates in training need to complete their program within 75 days of purchase.
  • Does WomanSafeHealth's Advocacy Training Program count towards CEU's I currently need?
    CEU's are based on every individual's program or certification requirements. We encourage you to inquire with your supervisor/authority prior to purchasing the training if CEU's are the primary reason you are taking our certification program.
  • Am I required to do any of the training in person?
    The simple answer? No, you do not! Our entire program can be completed online. If you would like to have your co-director one-on-ones in person, we are happy to accommodate you.
  • Does the program allow for an incomplete?
    While the course is non-refundable, the program allows the student the option to take an Incomplete at the end of the first 75 days, and receive an extension for an additional 75 days after your original end date in order to finish the program. In the event that you need to take an Incomplete and wish to have 75 more days to complete the program, you must notify the program co-directors within 30 days of your original end date and pay a $50.00 Incomplete fee. This is a one time Incomplete extension of 75 days. .
  • Can people outside of the United States take this training?
    Yes! Our entire workbook can be translated into into over 100 languages made available by Google translate. We also have the ability to use a translation feature through Zoom for our required one-on-one meetings.
  • How long is my certification valid?
    Your WomanSafeHealth Woman Advocacy Certification is valid for three years and requires 1, 60-minute supervision meeting each calendar year to maintain an active certification status.
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