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Advocacy Training Program Registration
I do/do not have an interest in being an advocate for WomanSafeHealth.

I understand that I can make partial payments in increments of as little as $20, until my training program is paid for in full.


I understand that WomanSafeHealth asks for a current resume, CV or single paragraph detailing your experience and interest in the program. 

(please email this after completing registration to

I understand that all Zoom meetings are recorded and may be used for

educational purposes in the future.


I am aware that WomanSafeHealth holds the right to obtain a criminal record 

background check for all potential trainees.

I understand that I must complete all training requirements

and receive at least an 80% overall in order to receive my certification.

I understand that my required reading is "WomanSafeHealth: The Antidote to Status Quo
Health Care" and that I may purchase it online
or directly through WomanSafeHealth. The purchase price of the book is not included in the advocacy training program cost. 


I understand that no part of this program and its written materials

may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means without written permission of the co-directors Rachel Dick & Emma Greene along with Elizabeth Shadigian, MD.

I understand that this program should not be construed as medical advice but rather
social and political advice. It is my responsibility to consult a qualified health care
professional if I want medical advice and that it is always best to do so, with a woman

I give permission the WomanSafeHealth Advocacy Training Program to keep my credit card information on file and adhere to all payment agreements made for the program. Payment for the program is $480 and payments made for the advocacy training program are nonrefundable, and may be made in installments with the total amount paid in full by the trainee's chosen start date.

I understand that separate fees apply for the initial training program, supervision and any other costs separate from the training itself.

Thank you for submitting your registration. An advocacy Co-director will contact you shortly.

Click here to purchase your advocacy training program!

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